Our Story
His Story

It all started at Panera Bread when we worked there together. I had no interest in Lohayne. She was way too quiet and shy. We never talked but we would open together every morning at 5am. She ended up leaving Panera. 3 months later I contacted her about a business opportunity and she said she wasn't interested. However what caught my interest was the fact that she could hold a conversation. So we continued talking, but I still had no interest in her. One day she told me that she was starting to like me, but I told her I just wanted to be friends. She invited me to church where we hungout a lot. My feelings started to grow for her, but I kept them to myself.

As time went by she started to show that she was no longer interested, and I noticed that I was losing her. So I ran after her and told her how I truly felt. On October 15th, 2015 we made it official. And to this day, we have never missed a day talking since I reached out to her.

Her Story

I met Jelani at Panera when we worked there. I could probably count on one hand how many times I spoke to him while working there. I ended up leaving Panera. In May I got a message from Jelani asking if I was interested in a business opportunity. I told him I wasn't, however we continued talking. We became closer and eventually he started to go to church with me. I started having feelings for him and told him. He turned me down and said he only wanted to be friends. I moved on but we continued being friends. Finally one day he finally admitted that how he truly felt for me. We got to know each other better until we made it official. If I look back today I never would have thought we would be where we are today, but I wouldn't take back any of this!

The Wedding

Sunday, September 3, 2017
5:30 PM
Attire: Formal Attire
Ceremony and Reception
Orange, VA, United States
Address will be on invitation.

Although we love to watch the children run and play, this is going to be an
adults only kind of day.

Wedding Party

Danielle - Maid of Honor
Ellysa - Bridesmaid
Ayanna - Bridesmaid
Crissia - Bridesmaid
Kamilla - Bridesmaid
Thamyris - Bridesmaid
Sydney - Bridesmaid
Corey - Best Man
Brandon - Groomsman
Dia - Groomsman
Devin - Groomsman
Guilber - Groomsman
Curran - Groomsman
Julisson - Groomsman